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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sacred Heartbeat

 an original poem by Helena Noel

The silver Rain's soft pattering
And lunar Glow through midnight shower,
The glassy Stars-- winking out,
Shy, from 'hind the Clouds this hour,
Seem to sing harmoniously:
"For Him twirl we Suns and Moons!"
With Winds that whirl in waving Trees,
Piping low their solemn Tune.
They stir the dusky Night to sigh,
Slow and gravely, but with air
Of dancing Trees and bowing Skies,
Of wide-eyed Stars that twinkle fair.

Rushing, rushing, is it breeze?
No, the rushing of my Soul
Joining-in with graceful Trees
And bowing with that lovely Whole.
The Nocturne of Entirety,
Of Nature waltzing, grace'd and fine,
Points past Celestiality*
And toward The Heartbeat keeping time.
A Beat and Time from beyond time
That stirs with every Pulsing Surge;
Something sweet, and so sublime,
Is whispered in It's hidden Words:

"See the Rhythm of My Worlds?
See, the Dance that swings the Stars?
Do you hear My Sacred Heart
Keeping Order where you are?"
Every wisp and curl in Mist:
"I AM veiled, but ever by..."
Taste of Twilight on my lips:
"Darling Apple of My eye..."
Roaring Rivers, rushed and clean:
"Love you! Love you! Never fear!"
What dose Nighttime Silence mean?
"With you... by you... ever near...

I will hold you as you dream;
Hold you, love you. Always Here."


"Celestial" being an adjective describing things relating to the sky and heavens, "celestiality" is the word made a noun that is the entirety of the sky and heavens.

Uses an xaxa xbxb xcxc scheme with simple and slant rhymes. Couplet is xc. Draws heavily on iambic tetrameter but often drops the first, unemphasized syllable

© Copyright 2013 Helena Noel (UN: theepic95 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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