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Friday, July 17, 2015

Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur Butts Heads With Ben Shapiro

Transgender reporter Zoey Tur butted heads with Ben Shapiro during a heated discussion on the Courage award granted to Cathryn (formerly Bruce) Jenner. It must be stressed that "butting heads" is  in reference to the confrontational attitudes of Zoey Tur and his fellow liberal panelists on the Dr. Drew show, and not literal, because the subsequent behavior most of them makes this statement confusingly plausible. Billy Hallowell at The Blaze reports that, at one point, reporter Tur placed his hand on Ben Shapiro's neck, stating very firmly that he would "go home in an ambulance" if Shapiro didn't cut out what he viewed as personally offensive and incendiary comments. [Video after the break.]

I've had some interesting and civil discussions with liberal friends, some of them even over the internet, despite the reputation internet debates have for dissolving into foam-mouthed pits of chaos.

In person, there have been some instances of people saying that they 'just can't deal' with an argument at the moment, (which makes sense when you consider how stressful even a civil debate is) I've even had to put arguments on hold, myself, when things get taxing.

If, however, it goes beyond mere matters of energy and tempers spin out of control to the point of threats, putting a discussion on hold isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. I think, in many regard, Dr. Drew handle this dispute rather well, even though it was clearly a difficult task. For the most part, I cannot see any mature individual condoning aggressive badgering, or condoning threats. Except this little outlet right here who shares the second half of the video, and seems to think Zoey Tur's repeated digs that Ben Shapiro was "A little man, a little boy" were a triumph of humanity.

To be fair, this outlet links ONLY to the video of the continued discussion after the break. Rather than spotlight it, it mentions the threat, and moves on. Clearly, the dire statement made by Tur is not what they endorse,

 But there have also been several instances of people telling me that the fact that I disagree with them is somehow emotionally and personally devastating. To hear them, it is as if a conflicting opinion calmly presented is the most atrocious thing I could have done to them. Typically, the topic is gender theory, and typically, all I have to do is say something orthodox in character and, if it's an emotive liberal instead of a liberal who's ideology is born of consideration, it doesn't matter what:

 "I don't believe in gay marriage;  it's not something that exists. You are the sex you were born with. Same Sex Attraction is rooted in a disordered mentality." Take your pick. Are those offensive statements? Are they? Or are they one specific view of reality, one way of interpreting human action and culture? IF marriage is a "covenant by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring"* then gay marriage cannot exist. I'm not angry or hateful, I'm just following the logic that I know. Much of this logic's inception is rooted in a faith and religion that calls me to love my neighbors boldly! And yet, I could love my neighbors, and hypothetically even homosexuality more than my own left foot, and still not be able to believe in gay marriage as long as that initial thought stands as capital T 'Truth' in my mind.

Shutting me down and playing up hate, or assuming that this is an attack and not a thought is not doing either of us any favors because a deficit in love is not the problem, here. Increasingly, gender theory discussions are becoming dangerous conversations for conservatives to have. If we are discussing any of my beliefs in regards to them in a face-to-face setting, you better believe I love you plenty! Instead, it is the ruminations of the mind, either mine or yours, that is leading one astray. Tackle the logic if you want me to move away from my opinion. (That is not my only reason for believing so, but taking it down would be a start.)

Ben Shapiro, I believe, displayed real courage, walking into the lions den of opposing and laying down the facts that he knew. But he was braced for an argument, and got a lashing, he presented logic and was shut down repeatedly, emotional appeals an precious few actual answers in return except what the Dr. eventually disciplined his group into trying to provide. Imagine, my liberal friends, how "cold" Shapiro might have caved and conceded had you met him on his clinical turf!

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