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Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Little More Boisterous Poem

In response to "A Quiet Poem" by Elaine Equi

We scream for a lot of reasons. Because we’re hurt,

because we’re trapped.

We scream for attention, to grab the eyes

of listless people around us.

The nail screams as a hammer drives its point home,

and so do we.

We scream for freedom, for confirmation

in our conformity, though really

It’s to let ourselves out.

But wounded screaming isn’t the only sound we release.

It’s hard to crave quiet once you hear

It’s more boisterous sound

Splitting the air and calling us all to attention.

In truth, that screaming faucet bubbles a little,

And children on the school grounds are squealing as they run.

There’s a high flush in their cheeks that came

from deep down,

and you can bet each scream pours

out from breathless smiles.

The ambulance screams “Make way!”

Make way for the chance to save a life!

Maybe there is a lot in this world that doesn’t inspire laughter,

And the brightness hides in the tiniest corners.

But so much of it is stuffed in the clown car,

Wherever you find it.

All I know is that it is somewhere.

Light brooks of trickley sound denote it,

and rivers of cheers

Lead back to it.

My sister screams, my father screams, my brothers, friends,

My teachers scream

“Make way for the sound of life...!”

With shiny, excited eyes that can’t stay open

Under the force of a chesty guffaw.

© Copyright 2015 Helena Noel (theepic95 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 

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