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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Does It Mean To Point Back To God

When I started this blog, I had no intention to talk significantly about politics and news, except maybe briefly on subjects that moved me. I wanted to spend time in reflection on the Gospel more than our culture. On poetry, prayer, worship. Even so, the news-related things that I suspected I would talk about were largely positive: Pro life successes, my hopes for a promotion of a culture of real love and chastity, perhaps mention or point out some inspiring public Christians. What I ended up talking about: Any and everything that breaks my heart.

Granted, a year ago I was bright-eyed and optimistic, and while I was convinced that society would get worse before they got better, I thought for sure it wouldn't take too long for them to get worse, and things would get super-duper better, really quickly. Because God is good and His Christians would labor, day and night, to bring about His kingdom. Well, with continuing abortion (supported by 'c'atholics), brewing divisions, a crisis of faith and vocations, attacks on religious liberty, and moral decay everywhere, we're clearly still in the 'growing worse' phase, and I don't pretend to know how many lifetimes that will last.

That's why I wanted to point back to God. Both in my own life, (because my life is nothing without my eyes on Christ,) and here, for our culture. What an awful trajectory we're on! We need to jack the track straight up if we want to ride it to heaven. Frankly, right now, we're dashing along at light speed horizontally, convinced we're flying.

Order of the Poor Knights of Christ
Emblem, Source: Wikipedia
I love our bold, tumultuous Church, and it seem right now she's in the another trough of the typical cycle of powerhouse faith and dangerous unbelief that our Church has tumbled through century after century. But all throughout them, every generation is filled to the brim with unsung saints and lovers of Christ: men and woman filled to capacity with his spirit who keep the rest of us soldiering on! They love God, pointing back to Our Lord with their words, deeds, and lives means orienting everything towards his glory.

Nothing changes the mission, not even an iota; although, it seems I must always take time to re-orient myself to this mission. As I've said before, its not God who changes, but we temporal earthlings who don't always cling to his heart like we should. I'm finding that I dart around the subjects of faith, and religion, and culture like a hyperactive child; unless I pause to reorient myself, I'm going to get lost.

Source: Wikipedia
It's the mission of each and every Christian to be an 'unsung saint,' and writing about my faith or about prayer helps me in part to immerse myself in the Church and God I love. Questions need to be asked and answers pursued: Where does God touch our world, where does He touch our lives, what part of our hearts are still in need of His light? The hyper-enthusiasm comes back so much stronger when I know where I'm running to!

And run I shall! Pointing back to God means being as quick to follow his commands as we are to preach them... and to preach them boldly! Not so that we may be saved by those 'good works,' or by keeping commandments, but rather that by accepting, with His Grace an enhanced and honest desire for goodness that spills out into our deeds. Faith's not a chore, but a joy!

God's Word, placed firmly in your heart, spills out into your life, making you a 'doer' and 'hearer' of the Word, and lover of His people.

Homeless Jesus, Buffalo, NY Source: CBS News
It means letting your Life revolve around Christ's goodness, so that when people look at you they see a mouthpiece for Joy.

It means living out his command to love one another as he has loved us, because they'll know we are Christian by our love.

It means seeing Christ in the lowly, and never ignoring realities that break God's heart.

It means a lot of things, and I'm constantly astonished at the ways faithful Christians around me lead the world to Christ.

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