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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Empty Cup

an original poem by Helena Noel

Long has the romance of the night
Out-bloomed the morning rose,
And kiss that midst of Winter warmed
Has hearts, in Summer, froze.

This, 'cause light of lover's heart
Is easy to behold
When Nature sings out dirges of
The truth of dark and cold.

Though inner light is clearer seen
When dark is all around
Its also true, when lifted high,
That clouds obscure the ground.

That's why the man with nothing owned
Has sight obscured by naught,
While eyes are blind as gleam of gold
Blocks out all careful thought.

Note the hero of the hour
Who sees through devil's bluff:
He's oft the poor man, coarse and dour,
The diamond in the rough.

That's why the bards have long sung of
The humble lifted up
They know the fount of light will fill
A dark and empty cup.

© Copyright 2013 Helena Noel (theepic95 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 

1895 painting by Edwin Austin Abbey shows Arthurian knight Sir Galahad discovering the Holy Grail

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