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Friday, August 21, 2015

Son of Thunder: Mary is Mother of God and Mother of the Church

Jared Clark, blogger at Son of Thunder, takes up the next part of Matt Slick's "Questions for Roman Catholics." He's provided thoughtful important question on the Blessed Mother, her place in Catholic spirituality, prayer, and the remission of sins. Here's a peek:

Jesus is, of course, capable on His own.  However, He chose to become flesh through her, not only making her the Theotokos--"God bearer", or "Mother of God"--but also making her mother of the Church.  Like the question on the sacraments, we shouldn't be asking if this is a competitor of the Lord, but if this is how He wants us to pray.  He is our one mediator, yes, but in His mediation He wants us to pray for our neighbor and to ask our neighbor to pray for us.
Head over hear to read the rest.

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