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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Declare, As Men Among Fairies:

An original poem by Helena Noel

Tell, which steely auth, or law,
Doth  "mustn't" us our beds?
In hour of weary burden, saw
thee justice in this said?
Thou steal from ‘tween the teeth,
O fairy, sustenance and wine:
‘Twould seem a weak and gutless man’s
The fruit of thy design!

Be it the roar of doughty mirth
that quakes thy spritely core?
Or swagger’d waltz of red-blood men
that lillifies daintish ichor?
Thou churlish sprite who simpers ‘neath
The sheath├ęd olive boughs
Forbids the manly task of paying
Evil what ‘tis owed!

Say "NAY!" then roar and romp, ye men,
And plow thy rivals low!
Rest ye, and drink, and down the wine
That makes thy passions flow!

Ye fairies, steal among the lillies;
Dance thou amidst thy glens.
But lilac feet and ‘mustn't’ bleats
Shalln’t fairify true men!

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