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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Culture That Believes In "Deadbeat Dads" And "Anti-Abortion Men"

Our culture believes in two kind of monsters:  The first is "Dead-beat dads," who leave their children and the women they once connected with to fend on their own. In a country where 43% of children live in a home without a father,  no one will pretend that this is just some boogeyman in the closet.  There's no wonder our culture abhors them.

But bizarrely, the second 'monster' our culture attacks is "anti-abortion men!" To liberals,  they are one-and-the-same: the first refuses to take responsiblity for a child, the second refuses to kill a child, which we are told, is the 'responsible' thing in times of crisis.... both could result in women meeting that twister in the middle of Kanas.

Children turn your life upside down, there's no denying. Anyone who's seen a new mother, or watched a pair of lovers go from a couple to a family knows that it turns life, and life's goals, on it's head. Dead-beat dads are blackballed, justly, because impregnating and running isn't just a ding-dong ditch joke, it's playing with their partner/girlfriend/wife's entire life, and building a family should NOT feel like a cruel prank.

But that's exactly why pro-life men should be our culture's most badass heroes.

Men have been told time and time again that they cannot have an opinion when it comes to abortion, and that oh, by the way, the only way not to have an opinion is to support it. And for some of them, for the the same kind of man that our culture calls Monster Number 1, that's a relief! It gives them an excuse to escape their "consequenses" without looking like a villain, and some men blow the pro-choice trumpets selfishly knowing how it serves them. A child would tie them to women they don't want, or reduce what they can "get" out of the women that they do.

There is a genuine fear women's hearts that children, and they themselves, will be abandoned and uncherrised... so why is it the men who come forward to offer protection, under the law, by citizen charity, and in their own romantic relitionships, who are demonized? Men in the pro-life movement are all but invisible!

The heroes are men who support their daughters, wives, girlfriends, and keep them from making a horrible choice. The ones who take responsibility for the children that are about to come into their lives, and who stick around to see them through. The racial men who make room in the lives instead of demonizing life, and who offer love, calm and welcome instead of a message of fearmongering and panic. No matter the circumstances, (and I know that they aren't always ideal, or sometimes even very wrong,) if you're there to support women in crisis, in this one, gigantic instance, you're absolutely the hero!

The reality is, pro lifers are the champions of these women, children, and even of these men. Nobody wants to talk about it,  nobody wants to admit this is part of the narrative, but men regret lost fatherhood. They look at the abuse they heaped upon their partners by their sex-at-all-costs mentality and they're filled with unimaginable grief. And it is abuse, when you take sex without the person: A person as a whole is life-producing, and loving. Quashing life, withholding love, that's the real monstrosity. No one should let anyone fall into that trap if they can help it!

Below is the courageously given video testimony of a man who sincrely regrets his part in his girlfriend's abortion. If men aren't supposed to take sides in this debate, then they certainly aren't supposed to be hurt by it, but he was. He describes the atmittably awful circumstances where he cheated on his wife, and pressured his pregnant girlfriend to terminate her pregnacy. What he did was terrible, and his remorse is real. You could tell, looking at him and hearing his words, that he hopes no child and no woman ever go through something like that again.

Powerful, well-dressed, career oriented, unbound by obligation, sexually liberated... abortion-minded... Our culture has it's monster-glasses upside-down, because it holds up men like how he described his old self as its ideal heroes.

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